he Olympic Games of 2004 will be carried out in Athens, Greece.

For the purpose of the event, solar cars hand-made by young scientists from all over the world will assemble in Athens, in May 2004. From Athens participants will drive to Olympia where the Olympics games were held in antiquity, then to Delphi – the world-known historical site and ancient cultural hub – and then back to Athens. The event sends a strong and clear message to the world for the necessity of protecting the environment from destructive human activities. The Olympic Ideal calls for the respect of man as he functions within his natural environment.

“Phaethon 2004” expresses precisely the Olympic Ideal and points out that, the same Sun, that ignites the Olympic Flame, can also be a source of inexhaustible energy for humanity.

The message of “Phaethon 2004” can be portrayed in the relation:
Hellenic philosophic Thought = Anthropocentric Thought = Human Activities in Harmony with Nature.