After a terrible crash, Dustin Strand is back on the racetrack this weekend – Grand Forks Herald


It’s rare that Dustin Strand doesn’t race at River Cities Speedway. He is one of the best late model and modified riders in the area.

But he was absent last Friday at The Bullring. For good reason.

Strand was involved in a nasty wreck during the modified Advantage RV tour Thursday, July 22 at Norman County Raceway in Ada, Minnesota. Its familiar modified No. 71 tires hit another car, jumped the guardrail on the rear stretch and flipped violently before coming to rest on its bonnet just after Turn 3.

“It was a bad race,” Strand said. “I don’t know exactly what happened, but I blew tires with another car and it flew away. I hope I don’t have to do this trip again. Usually you don’t see a wreck like this with the bodywork. But I was rather lucky. Everything about the car did its job.

Strand was taken to hospital after the sinking as a precaution, but was released later that night.

“My neck hurt right away and my right eye was almost swollen,” Strand said. “They took me in straight away but all the tests went well. I still have a black eye. It looks like I was in a bar fight.

Strand, however, will be back racing this weekend – in its latest model. Thursday night he was scheduled to race with the NLRA at Ada before competing in NLRA shows Friday at RCS and Saturday at Devils Lake Speedway.

Strand’s business is building racing cars.

He said his car held up well, given the violent nature of the wreckage.

“I had the frame completely stripped down and to the naked eye it looked good,” Strand said. “But a few places have been stressed. So we’ll be building a new frame and hopefully getting it ready for some year-end shows. I don’t want to risk something like this happening again.

” I was lucky. I have been racing for 22 years and nothing like this has happened before.

Strand was scheduled to run all four nights of the Advantage RV Modified tour, which took place at RCS last week.

“The next day, I bet I spent half the day on the phone talking to people,” he said. “There were a lot of worried people, and it was nice to see.”

For the remainder of the season, Strand said he will focus primarily on racing his latest model. Strand has a late pattern win this season at RCS.

The lightning sprints and the wingless sprints will face each other on Friday evening at the RCS. NOSA sprints will not race at the RCS this week. NOSA Sprints will take part in the two-day Governor’s Cup spectacle this weekend in Mandan.

One of the hottest pilots in the area is Aaron Blacklance of Thief River Falls.

He has won 15 features this season, racing in the street and modified Midwest divisions.

One of his biggest wins of the season came last week at Greenbush Race Park, where he won the Rebel Midwest Modified Tour.

Three of Blacklance’s wins have come at River Cities Speedway in the Streets Division.


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