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AMERICUS — Since the age of 10, 14-year-old Allen Styck has had a passion for racing and that passion has seen him win 10 races during his career in the Late Model Dirt Car division, including the championship of the State of Alabama per year. from.

The son of drag racing enthusiast Lance Styck, Allen started racing karts at age 10 and would get into off-road car racing three years later.

“I started getting into it with karts. Dad always raced,” Styck said. “I guess I like to go fast.”

This is Allen Styck’s Longhorn chassis: one of the latest off-road cars he drives in races. Styck drove this car when he won the 49th annual Alabama State Championship last year.
Photo by Lance Styck

According to Styck’s father, Lance Styck, Allen started racing late-model off-road cars at the age of 13 and has developed a very successful skill on the dirt track, having already won eight races this year and 10 in his career as an off-road car racer.

In his first year racing late-model off-road cars, Styck drove a Charger 602 and won three races, including 49e Annual Alabama State Championship at the East Alabama Dirt Track in Phenix City, AL.

He then switched to late-model 602 and 604 off-road cars in his second year of racing and has flourished ever since, winning eight more races throughout the year.

Lance Styck, who has been drag racing his whole life, said he quit racing when Allen was born, but was able to pass on his knowledge and passion for the sport to his son.

“When I introduced him to cart racing, it brought me back into that,” Lance Styck said. When it comes to his strategy for winning those 10 races, Allen Styck simply said he just “hit the gas”.

Allen Styck (red shirt) poses with his Alabama State Championship trophy with his father, Lance Styck.
Photo by Jessica Stick

Besides racing, Allen Styck is a freshman on the football team at Southland Academy High School. As for the date of its next racing competition, Styck will compete in the late-model 602 and 604 off-road car classes on Friday, September 16 at the 50e Annual Alabama State Championships at the East Alabama Dirt Track in Phenix City.


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