Are these the ugliest cars that have ever graced a race track?


It’s no coincidence that some of the most successful racing cars are also some of the most beautiful. Think of the Ford GT40, the Jaguar D-Type and your selection of dozens of Ferraris, and you’ll soon start to understand.

But in some cases, there’s no substitute for function over form – or at least that’s what the designers of some of the cars featured in Goodwood’s compilation would have you believe.

It should be noted that many of these cars, such as the 2014 phallic sports F1 cars, or the high-domed revision of the Deltawing race car, were the result of regulatory compliance.

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With the Caterham CT-05 (and, to be fair, any F1 car from 2014 onwards) regulations required that a small minimum nose width be kept low to avoid the high nose designs seen previously. Of course, virtually every team has exploited this loophole in the regulations with a rather embarrassing, uh, “sex toy” phase of Formula 1.

But cars like the Panoz Abruzzi, well, those are oddities. Powered by a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 and 600 hp, 800 Nm, it had all the credentials on paper that you would want. But, as our narrator so aptly puts it, “it looks like the Batmobile had a horrible accident.”

Perhaps the most controversial car on the list, simply because anyone would dare to include it, is the now legendary Porsche 917/20 in pink pig livery. While certainly not the worst offender in the range, rumor has it that Martini, responsible for some of motorsport’s best liveries, outright refused to be associated with it – hence the rather odd but historical.

What other racing design disasters can you think of?


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