BSB 2021 Round 2 at Knockhill Circuit – Results of Race 1 …


ROUND 2 of the 2021 BSB season at Knockhill started off on the right foot for Christian Iddon and VisionTrack Ducati, who finished Race 1 with their first victory of the 2021 season.

A qualifying lap on pole was not quite enough for Jason O’Halloran to capitalize on McAMS Yamaha on the “mini Nurburgring”, but the Australian managed to make a top-level race to maintain his lead of 10 points on the 2021 table.

For SYNETIQ BMW, Danny Buchan completed the podium after finishing 3rd in qualifying, and will no doubt gain confidence from a meteoric race which saw him leading the field in points, and also securing the fastest lap of the race – securing pole position for the race. 2.

Knockhill Round 2 Race 1 Quick Recap

Leading for the first few laps after a good start, O’Halloran crashed as Iddon and Buchan fought for the lead – that is, until Buchan was wide on Taylor’s pin. and lost a few positions at the halfway point, with Iddon and O’Halloran resuming their fight for the lead for the remainder of the race.

Hickman snuck into a podium spot for a brief period, before grief struck and he gave up on the last lap with an apparent mechanical issue – it seemed like a possible gearing issue as he was stopped at the edge of the runway trying to get him in. gear in hand.

Brad Ray and Rory Skinner made good progress throughout the race, realizing some of the fastest laps in the race and finishing 4th and 5th respectively – Skinner, in particular, did well to finish 5th from 8th on the gate.

The midfielder’s battle for a handful of points with about a second separating a field of 5 riders was noteworthy and kept things spicy until the end.

Meanwhile, leading the pack, until the last lap, O’Halloran was pushing hard to catch up with a raging Iddon, Buchan blowing his neck for a last-minute 2nd place finish. In the end, Iddon was able to hang on for his first race victory of this season, with O’Halloran having just enough in the tank to keep a second place finish to Buchan in a near photo-finish.

O’Halloran said “I’ve been trying to get on the podium here for ten years so I’m happy with it.

Superb race throughout. Race 2 is tomorrow, also watch on Quest TV – bonus!

BSB Knockhill Round 2 Course 1 Results

The first three:

  1. Christian Iddon 15: 59.903
  2. Jason O’Halloran +0.348
  3. Danny Buchan +0.445

Full race results are available on

O’Halloran holds a 10-point lead in the runners’ standings with 95 points, Christian Iddon second with 85 points and Tarran Mackenzie third with 44 points.


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