Chicago Bears sign deal to buy Arlington racetrack, mayor’s office says


CHICAGO (WLS) – The Chicago Bears have signed a deal to buy Arlington Park, a spokesperson for Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Tuesday night.

In a statement, the spokesperson said the mayor was not surprised by the move and that they remained committed to keeping the Bears in Chicago. The spokesperson said he informed the team that he was open to discussions.

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The spokesperson went on to note that Soldier Field had recently signed a major contract with the Chicago Fire soccer team, and over the weekend hosted the Shamrock series.

“These and other examples demonstrate that Soldier Field remains a highly sought after location and, as the Mayor has repeatedly said, the city and the Parks District must explore all options to improve the experience for visitors and fans at Soldier Field year round and maximize revenue, ”the spokesperson said in a statement.

“With regard to the Bears, the mayor has said it several times, our door at town hall remains open to engage the Bears,” added the spokesperson.

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It was first reported that the Bears submitted an offer to buy Arlington International Racecourse in June and received mixed reactions from fans. This isn’t the first time the NFL team has considered moving the team out of town.

The property is 326 acres in size, enough for the Bears to build a stadium large enough to host a Super Bowl, and it could be surrounded by a year-round entertainment complex.

The Bears have yet to release a statement regarding their purchase contract.

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