Coimbatore will get a second race track with the COASTT high performance center


The COASTT High-Performance Center in Coimbatore brings together the biggest names in Indian motorsport, including Narain Karthikeyan and the Mumbai Falcons. The race track will be approximately 4 km in length and aims to meet FIA Grade 2 standards.

The cornerstone of the new COASTT High Performance Center was recently laid

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The cornerstone of the new COASTT High Performance Center was recently laid

It is definitely a good time to be a motorsport enthusiast in India with several new racing tracks being developed at the moment. And adding another name to the hat is the Mumbai Falcons racing franchise, which announced the new COASTT High-Performance Center in Coimbatore. The city will get its second race track after Kari Motor Speedway and it will be built by the Coimbatore Auto Sports and Transport Trust (COASTT), in partnership with the Mumbai Falcons. The team behind the race track recently laid the foundation stone, while construction work has also started. The new runway could be operational as early as March 2022.

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(LR) Were present at the founding ceremony S Selvaraj, Narain Karthikeyan, GR Karthikeyan, R Shatharam, Moid Tungekar, Arjun Balu and Yohann Setna

The CoASTT High Performance Center will be located on the outskirts of town and approximately a 30-minute drive from Coimbatore International Airport. The race track involves some of the biggest names in Indian motorsport including Narain Karthikeyan, India’s first F1 driver, as well as several Indian National Touring Car Championship (ITC) winner Arjun Balu. The race track is designed by the Apex Racing Academy. The company has also worked on the Dubai Airfield, Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT) and the new Miami F1 circuit.

The next race track will be approximately 4 km in length and will have 14 turns. The tour will run counterclockwise, making it the first of its kind in the country. The facility will also include a CIK Category 1 karting track on its infield. In addition, the track is expected to be FIA ​​Grade 2 certified. The CoASTT high performance center is also expected to serve as a jumping off point for the Mumbai Falcons, with the team doing their race development, driver training program and training. vehicle testing activities in this space.

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Construction in full swing at COASTT High Performance Center Mumbai Falcons in Coimbatore

The new COASTT race track joins a number of new race circuits announced in recent times. Some of these include the upcoming Marque One race track in Andhra Pradesh, near Bengaluru. There is also the Pista Motor Speedway which will be located near Hyderabad. Mumbai and Pune will also have a racetrack closer to home with the Nanoli Speedway looming in Lonavla.


At present, we have three operational race tracks in India. This includes the famous Buddh International Circuit which meets FIA Grade 1 standards and can host F1 races. Then the MMRT has been constantly improved over the years and meets the FIA ​​Grade 2 criteria, and the third is the Kari Motor Speedway.

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