Credit Payment Statement

The INSS benefit payment statement is a document whose objective is to prove the beneficiaries’ income, showing detailed values, as well as the bank through which the benefit is paid and the date of receipt.

If you are insured from the INSS, it is important to know that it is possible to consult a history so that you can prove your income and also follow up the payment of contributions. And it’s easy to do that. Just ask for the social security statement.

But so you can better understand this process, know the step by step how it works and what are the main ways to get your statement of payment of the INSS benefit.

Do you know what the INSS statement or payment statement is for?

Do you know what the INSS statement or payment statement is for?

We have already talked a little bit about what this statement or extract is about, but we want to explain in more detail about everything you need to know to remove this document.

The INSS benefit payment statement includes all information about the beneficiary’s income, showing the gross and gross amounts in a detailed manner.

Some time ago it was only possible to have access to this extract through ATMs from bank branches or in social security agencies.

Today, with the advent of modernity, it is much easier to access this document. Since 2016 the INSS payment statement has been made available on the internet through an online system.

Thus, those who are beneficiaries of the National Institute of Social Security can access the data of all their contributions, as well as their employment links.

All this can be done by the official website of the municipality, a way to bring you the information you need without the need to take it from home, after all, the internet exists is to shorten distances and make life a bit easier, it is not?

And do not worry, both individuals and corporations can make this consultation online, being possible to direct their interest regardless of the type of insurance.

Thus, it is possible to have access to the statements of benefits, pensions and payments.

How to consult the INSS benefit payment statement?

How to consult the INSS benefit payment statement?

Now that you know what kind of extract you want to have access to, you need to choose the best way for you to request it.

If you prefer to use the traditional means to make the extract withdrawal, great. It is only necessary that you have in hand the benefit card and the password and go to an INSS unit.

Now if you prefer more convenience and want to try out the internet consultation, do not worry, because the procedure is also quite simple.

You will only need your full name, your CPF number and date of birth.

However, it is worth mentioning that the password for the use of the service via the web can only be obtained in agencies of the INSS.

It may seem a bit uncomfortable to have to do this shift, but believe me, for your safety it is very important that it be so.

In order to make it easier for you to check the INSS benefit payment statement, we offer the following step by step so that you can consult in both ways.

But be careful: always be very careful when asking for help from third parties. Whether it’s the agency or the front of the computer, there are many people in bad faith who volunteer to help, but actually want to take advantage of their benefit.

Step by step of requesting the INSS benefit payment statement over the internet (without attending the agency)

Step by step of requesting the INSS benefit payment statement over the internet (without attending the agency)

1 – To start the query access the portal MY INSS. In the upper right corner of the screen click the login option. After clicking the login, make your registration in MY INSS;

2 – Your first access? Well, in this case, to perform the registration you will need, after clicking on login, select the “Register” option. Then create a password that is at least 9 characters long. To ensure your security your password must have at least one uppercase, one lowercase letter and one number.

3 – Now that you have completed your registration and accessed the system, click on the “Benefit Payment Statement” option. This option is on the left side of the screen. Okay, now just issue the document.

Step by step of the request of the benefit payment statement with scheduling and attendance to the INSS agency

1 – To start the query access the portal MY INSS. First enter your data, then click the “I am not a robot” option. Then click the “Continue without login” option.

2 – Now select the “New application” option and in the “search” field, enter the word “payment”. Now just select the service you want.

3 – Now that you have done all the procedures on the web, just go to the INSS agency as scheduled on the website, that is, on the day and time marked. Do not forget to bring all the necessary documents for the attendance!