DMYC announces Viking Marine dinghy racing event ‘Christmas Cracker’ for Dun Laoghaire harbor


DMYC launched a “Christmas Cracker” dinghy racing event for Dun Laoghaire harbor on December 27th.

Supported by Viking Marine and courtesy of the Harbor Master, the event will see a mass start PY race on Monday, December 27 at 1:00 a.m., doing harbor laps from the harbor, for anyone looking to burn off the excess Christmas Dinner, according to DMYC race organizer Neil Colin.

“This is an unprecedented charity run for the benefit of the RNLI, with the aim of creating a spectacle for all these walkers on the docks,” Colin told Afloat.

The route as above will feature markings in the extreme corners of the harbor and should provide a welcome break from the regular format races, made possible by the lack of ships moored in the harbor and the generally lower levels of water activity in the harbor. the port.

Entries will be capped at 90, with higher participation than the usual Frostbite race days.

This is an “Open” event. While the main seafront pavilions will be closed, regular sailors will be able to access the dinghy parks on a “sail and dash” basis.

The DMYC hopes that a “Socially Distanced” award will be presented in front of the DMYC approximately one hour after the end of the race.

Registrations @ € 5 per registration to cover costs and a donation to RNLI can be found here

DMYC wishes all sailors a safe and Merry Christmas and look forward to a beautiful winter sailing day on Monday 27.


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