Edinburgh turned into a race track as ‘boy racers’ filmed the city center at full speed


Reckless drivers turn Edinburgh into a racetrack after videos emerge of them streaking the streets of the city center.

Images shared on the TikTok social media platform appear to show drivers dismounting and traveling at high speed on roads with a 20mph limit.

In one video, a driver can be seen driving a blue BMW along Johnston Terrace, in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, while someone films from above.

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The 11-second clip shows the driver speeding past a number of parked cars and pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.

Speed ​​limits of 20 mph are in place in the city center in an attempt to improve road safety.

Edinburgh City Council said the measure helps “reduce the risk and severity of collisions” and encourages people to walk and cycle, spending more time in the area.

Boy racers were filmed crossing Edinburgh city center at high speed

A separate video shared on social media on Tuesday shows a motorist driving past Bristo Place and heading towards Lothian Street and Potterow at high speed. The speedometer displayed in the car reveals that the driver is traveling at a speed of 50 mph at one point.

Councilor Lesley Macinnes, responsible for transport and the environment, denounced those who promote this behavior on social networks.

She said: “Speed ​​is downright dangerous and irresponsible, and shows a blatant disregard for the safety of others. Anyone who promotes this kind of behavior to others is setting a terrible example.

“If you suspect someone is driving dangerously I encourage you to report it to the Scottish Police by calling 101.”

Inspector Roger Park, City of Edinburgh Traffic Police Unit, added: “We are committed to improving road safety in Edinburgh. Officers regularly conduct law enforcement activities to deter speeding tickets and detect those who choose to break the law.

“Priority is given to places where there have been previous collisions where speed was a factor and to areas used by vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

“We all have a responsibility to use the road safely and a key part of our work on the roads is to educate drivers to improve their behavior on the road.

“Driving at an inappropriate speed for the road is one of the leading causes of fatal and serious crashes and we encourage everyone to take responsibility every time they get behind the wheel to improve everyone’s safety. “

Edinburgh Live reported earlier this month how runner boys were filmed speeding up and performing stunts in front of a huge crowd in similar videos also uploaded to TikTok.

Some footage appeared to have been shot in the Edinburgh area.

In the 37-second video, drivers can be seen abruptly accelerating and moving at high speed through various streets as crowds of people watch. Other drivers can be seen performing donuts and similar stunts on more secluded roads.

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