Gran Turismo 7 – Update 1.11 adds new World Circuit racing events and endurance racing missions, buff rewards


Server maintenance for Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 7 is complete and the 1.11 update is live. After reducing the credit rewards of many races and facing backlash for the same, the new update buffs are rewarding all around. First, the rewards for the second half of World Circuit events have been increased. There are also three new races: World Touring Car 600 Tokyo Expressway East Clockwise, World Touring Car 700 24 Hours of Le Mans Racing Circuit and World Touring Car 800 Sardegna Road Track A.

If you clear all circuit layouts with Bronze or Gold results, you will receive rewards for the same. Those who have already done so can access the sector selection screen and exit to receive it. Daily races and lobbies have also seen an increase in the number of rewards. For missions, “The Human Comedy” has been added and features endurance races lasting one hour.

These become available at Collector Level 23 and each event provides up to 1.2 million Credits. The maximum cap for credits has also been increased to 100 million credits. All new invitations received for the purchase of some of the most luxurious vehicles now have a 30 day time limit instead of 14 days. Check out some of the patch notes below and the full patch notes here.

Improvements and adjustments

1. World Circuits

  • The number of rewards for events in the second half of the World Circuit has been increased.
  • New racing events have been added to the World Circuit. The new events are:
    ・World Touring Car 600 Tokyo Expressway East clockwise
    ・World Touring Car 700 Le Mans 24 Hours Circuit
    ・World Touring Car 800 Sardegna Road Track A
  • Adjusted rewards for Arcade Races and Custom Races

2.Circuit experience

  • Rewards are now provided when deleting all circuit layouts in Gold or Bronze results. If you have already obtained these results, go to the sector selection screen and exit with the Exit button to award the prize.

3.Lounge/Sport Mode

  • The number of rewards in Lobby and Daily Races has been increased.
  • Fixed an issue where spectating while participating in a lobby race would not allow you to switch to the spectating camera.
  • Changed the Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup so that the championship-specific helmet thumbnail is displayed.
  • When the indoor mode is set to “Training/Endurance Race”, adjust the finish timing when the course setting is set to “Time Limit”.
  • Changed camera movements before the start of races in Daily Races when the start method is set to Formation.


  • Added “The Human Comedy” to missions, containing hour-long endurance runs. “The Human Comedy” will become playable when the player’s Collector Level is 23. Each Endurance Race event will award up to 1.2 million Cr. per event.
  • Race information such as starting grid, number of laps or time limit, starting method, etc. are now displayed in the quick menu of Race Event missions.
  • Best records for time limit events and friend ranking records are now saved and displayed in the format [Ranking/Number of Laps]
  • Leaderboards have been reset for the following Time Limit events*
    ・ Gone with the Wind – High Speed ​​Ring 30 min.
    ・The Sun Also Rises – Le Mans 24 min.
    ・The Sun Also Rises – Bathurst Gr. 3 Battle

*Pre-existing best records will only display the ‘Leadership’. Once the same result record or a better result has been established, it will be recorded in the format ‘Ranking/Number of laps’. For friend rankings, if a Bronze or higher result is set, it will be recorded even if the result is lower than the best record.

5.Game progress

  • Increased the maximum cap of credits earned in the game to 100 million Cr.
  • The new ‘Invitations’ received below will have a delay of 30 days, instead of 14 days.

6. Used Cars / Legendary Cars

  • The number of cars listed in the lineup at the same time is now increased.


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