“I hope it’s still the race track it was”


Formula 1 drivers prepare for a Grand Prix weekend in Saudi Arabia. At the end of last season, the drivers were also there and had a spectacular race. Since then, several changes have been made to the track, which Hamilton did not need.

While Mercedes have struggled to keep up with Ferrari and Red Bull Racing this season, Hamilton was still in the midst of a battle with Max Verstappen in 2021. The two drivers have long kept each other in balance and fought to win the world title, including in Saudi Arabia.

After the season, several teams and drivers gave their opinion on the circuit in Saudi Arabia. They thought it was too dangerous in some places. The organization decided to listen and expand the track in several places.

Hamilton hopes for another exciting race

For Hamilton, however, the changes were unnecessary, he said sky sports and others at the press conference. “I don’t even know what changes there are, I know they changed the last corner. I don’t really know what the other changes are. We didn’t need more visibility, hopefully. they haven’t changed too much to take away what the track used to be. I hope it’s still the race track it used to be.

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