Kirkby Lonsdale Rally Driver takes fourth place in Barbados racing event


A KIRKBY Lonsdale rally driver enjoyed great success when he competed in the King of the Hill race in Barbados.

Kirkby Motors’ Philip Burton took part in the race events with co-driver Dylan Thomas on May 29 and finished 30th overall at the end, as well as being the top British team to finish.

However, his 1976 Ford Escort Mk 2, better known as “Lorna Lou”, suffered from overheating during the event before making it to the main event on June 4-5.

During the 7th of 8 stages, the car developed a fault in the axle supports. A problem that was later solved by Philip’s friend, Norman Catwell.

With the car repaired, they finished all eight stages in fourth place and were the first British crew to do the job.

Philip said: “It was a brilliant time and it’s so great to be back in action.

“The car had overheating issues but we slowly got over that.

“The weather was against us as it was very wet and slippery.

“On Saturday when we got to stage 7 of eight, the tire went off and the car spun and we completely obliterated an electrical box. It knocked out the electricity to the area for a couple of hours.

“We had exhaust damage.

“Two brackets on the rear axle came loose and we came to a stop on the ground.

“Norman is a local guy and a close friend, and at 2am he met us and got it ready for Sunday. We are truly grateful to him. I couldn’t have finished without him.

“Family was there to support me and it was great teamwork.

“After that was done, we had a little vacation after that. Without the local support, this would not have been possible.


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