Petaluma’s Professional Program Insurance Brokerage Acquires Race Track Insurer Jones Birdsong


Professional Program Insurance Brokerage has acquired Minnesota-based Jones Birdsong Insurance Services, which insures motorsports entities including race tracks, racing events, individual competitors and racing teams.

“We are thrilled to have the entire Jones Birdsong team together. This gives PPIB the opportunity to expand our definition of ‘fun and funky’ programs with an experienced and high performing specialist team,” said Susan Etter, President of Petaluma-based Professional Program, in Thursday’s announcement.

Jones Birdsong was founded by senior partner and CEO Donald Birdsong in 2011.

Professional Program Insurance Brokerage was established in 1993. It was created to provide insurance for specialty industries and began with the “permanent cosmetics industry,” which includes tattooing, according to its website. It has expanded to medical laser treatment providers and now includes cannabis facilities, e-cigarette producers and martial arts instruction providers.

In June 2018, the company was sold to New Jersey-based Specialty Program Group, a division of Hub International. Specialty Program Group is a fully licensed holding company and reports that it owns 18 holding companies.


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