Police stop motorcycle racing event in Whistling Moran: Standard Sport


The race was stopped in Whistling Moran on September 26 after police stormed the track [Courtesy]

Yesterday, a motorcycle race in Whistling Moran, Machakos, had to be stopped before it even started when police stormed the track.

While the racing group argued that they had valid court orders allowing the event to take place, police insisted they were enforcing public orders, which led to a stalemate. Police reportedly sought to stop the event due to people flouting Covid-19 containment rules and used tear gas to disperse protesters.

Sammy Kiumbe, president of the Private Bikers Association of Kenya, took to social media to condemn the act, saying the event was a “private function” hosted by some of its members.

“At a time when we seek to find amicable ways to resolve problems and ensure the safety of people, we do not agree with the use of tear gas and bullets at an event. involving children. We hope that the police can do better and ensure the safety of all even as they move to enforce orders and do their job, ”we read in a message from the association on Facebook.

Tear gas canister spotted in Whistling Moran after confrontation with police [Courtesy]


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