Race Track Ready as this BMW M4 gets serious with an aggressive widebody


A clever digital artist with a big imagination gave this sports car some major muscle, transforming it from a daily driver to a serious track car.

Digital car renderings can often be some of the most beautiful works of art. They allow their creators to truly express themselves and come up with extraordinary creations. On top of that, they also allow these artists to modify cars within an inch of their life, without needing to get their hands on a real car. One of the best digital car renderers is Carmstyledesign, and they created this rather awesome look BMW M4 with super cool widebody design.

A BMW with a very aggressive style

It’s one of the most aggressive BMW designs you’ll likely come across. Starting at the front, we see that the car has gained a sizable front splitter, with small aero foils on either side. The grille of this M4 is pleasantly smaller than on some BMWs. Above, however, we see the custom bonnet, with the huge bulge in the middle.

The renderer says this is an 800bhp concept, so we can imagine a few changes have taken place in the engine bay area. Another aggressive feature is the red of the lights on the dark gray version of the BMW.

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Look through the rest of the M4

The aggressive style also continues in the rest of the BMW. The rear wing is certainly not standard issue, sitting quite high above the tailgate. Under the rear wing, the fairing remained fairly identical to the standard M4. Below, however, we see a large, aggressive diffuser. With the front splitter and rear wing, perhaps it hints that this particular M4 is aiming for extra performance to set a crazy lap time on the circuit.

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The side of the car is where widebody changes are most prevalent. We can see much larger fenders over the front and rear wheels, while the side skirts are extended down and across. In front of the rear wheels is a fairly large air duct, and a similar duct is visible behind the front wheels of the BMW. Add that with the big bonnet and other aerodynamic changes, it really pumps up this BMW M4 and makes it look like it means business. It’s a car we think BMW enthusiasts will love, as it really adds another layer of design to the already handsome M4.

Source: Carmstyledesign YouTube channel

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