Rally Racing and Android unite in Rush Rally Origins


Rush Rally Origins is a new racing game available on Android devices today. It’s a premium title with absolutely no ads and no in-app purchases. So you can buy it once and enjoy all of the game content it contains.

If that sounds appealing to you, you can grab it right now from the Play Store for the very reasonable price of $ 4.99. As reported by Android Police, the game launched yesterday, August 19th. This is the latest game in the series from developer Bromonster Limited. And if you like this one, you might like the other two Rush Rally games which are also available on Android. Rush Rally 3 and Rush Rally 2.

The former can be purchased for the same price as Rush Rally Origins, while Rush Rally 2 is a steal at $ 1.99.

Experience a ‘realistic top-down rally’ with Rush Rally Origins

If you want realistic rally racing this game claims to offer it. It’s also in a top-down style camera angle, which adds a bit of gameplay challenge if you’re used to racing games with both first-person and third-person views.

There is a collection of different rally cars to choose from, taken from previous games in the franchise. And they are scalable. While you are playing you can unlock the ability to implement these upgrades to give the car of your choice better performance. Bromonster also says the leveling system is fairly easy to use.

So things shouldn’t seem convoluted and overly complex. Basically don’t expect to deal with a leveling and tuning system that you’ll find in games like Gran Turismo.

There is controller support and global leaderboards

Not everyone likes to use touch controls for mobile games. Even if they are sometimes very good. If you’re in the camp that doesn’t care about touch controls most of the time, you’ll be happy to know that Rush Rally Origins has controls optimized for touch controls and gamepads.

So connect this Razer Kishi, Xbox wireless controller, DualSense, etc. and go to town. Or try the touch controls and see what you think. As Bromonster boasts that they work pretty well. And there is no doubt that playing with the touch controls is more practical. Since you have nothing with you other than your phone.

The game also has global leaderboards. So the more you run, the more you can climb the ranks and compete with other players. If you want to experience this game for yourself, you can grab it from the Play Store button below.


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