Rec Room features multiplayer rally vehicles and races


Available on all platforms starting September 29, the Rec Rally update brings multiplayer races and vehicles to Rec Room for the first time.

As you can see in the trailer, embedded above, you’ll be racing in buggies in a sparse and dirty environment with a defined race track. The map is designed to give you airtime in certain sections and you have a boost button which increases the speed of your vehicle which should create some fun Mario Kart moments.

The game supports up to 6 vehicles in each race, with cross play enabled so you and your friends can race against each other no matter what platform they are playing on. This applies to both VR and traditional platforms – Rec Room says Rec Rally will be available and cross play enabled on consoles, PC, Android, iOS, Oculus Quest, and all other supported VR headsets.

We’ve reached out to confirm if this specifically includes the original Oculus Quest headset, which previously lacked some content like Rec Royale. We will update this article if we receive a response.

According to the developers of Rec Room, the new dune buggy should also offer players a lot more combinations for existing social opportunities and experiences. “Rec Room users can go on trips with friends, or grab a paintball gun and jump in the driver’s seat for vehicle-to-vehicle combat,” Rec Room said in a prepared statement. “Each vehicle supports dual-handling objects while driving and has fully optimized controls on all platforms, with an intuitive and crisp feel on touch devices. “

The Rec Rally update will go live on September 29 at 10am PT on all supported Rec Room platforms.


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