Sannat and the Gozo Animal Commissioner head out for a traditional horse racing event during the peak hours of the sun


Malta’s Animal Commissioner and a Gozitan council are at odds over what to do at a traditional horse race scheduled for this Sunday.

The traditional horse race, organized by the Town Hall of Sannat, is dedicated to Santa Margherita and is scheduled for this Sunday at 1:30 p.m.

The event is expected to include 39 races throughout the day.

While the board’s post includes 21 rules and regulations for riders, Animal Commissioner Alison Bezzina informed the board that there were a number of issues with the event from a health and safety perspective. animals.

Among the issues she found were the roads themselves, the time of the event, and nearby amenities, including water and shade for the horses.

“In principle, the Office of the Animal Welfare Commissioner is against this practice because tarmac roads are not ideal for horse racing. In addition, CAP 439.22 prohibits karozzini to be on the road between July and August between 1 and 4 p.m.,” she told the council.

“Although legally this does not strictly apply to horse racing, the principle of animal welfare and the spirit of the law should be applied to all horses. The ideal place for such races is the racecourse which offers the best conditions and safety measures for the horses and the public.

She went on to note that easy access to water, no traffic and shaded areas for horses also needed to be ensured.

However, the local council have yet to announce any changes to the event, although they have been unable to get approval from the Animal Commissioner – which they need to get permission to organize the event.

Maltese Party and related celebrations have adapted to more modern animal health and safety laws; Recently, Mnarja’s party changed their event details – including the timings of their horse race – after being told by the Animal Commissioner.

Cover photo left, Gozo Horse Races, right, Paul Scicluna

Should traditional horse racing be allowed during peak summer hours on Maltese and Gozitan roads?

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