Saratoga Race Track 2021: Saratoga Bankroll Beatdown


Tim Wilkin and Anthony Affrunti each received a legendary $2,000 to spend as he sees fit during the Saratoga season.

Five days left. The last week of the meeting can be a little melancholy. The first seven weeks of the competition are hectic. You go all out, trying to reach as many coaches as possible before the high-stakes races each week. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some great races to come before NYRA shuts it down for the summer. The Jockey Club Gold Cup. Optimistic. Spinaway. Yes, races not to be missed. If you want to say goodbye to the meeting, you still have five days left. Otis, the renegade handicapper from Garden City, will have no reason to feel empty at the end of the match. It’s because, as we all know, he didn’t come here. He wrote the same old island song and dance while performing his Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot set with the mysterious Leopold. Or is it Battleship they play? Not sure. Do not worry. On a higher note, congratulations to NYRA after a new all-source single encounter record was set on Wednesday. The new record set is $709,437,410 (the old record was $705,343,949 set in 2019). And we still have five days ahead of us. wow!

For today, $10 doubles Claddagh’s Run/Coworth Park (1st, grass only) with Dream Fly (2nd, grass only); $40 wins American Power (4th).

Total stakes: $60

Wednesday’s results: Our fifth racing hat-trick placed 1st, 2nd and 4th. Lost ticket. Pick 3 died in the rematch when Big Little Risk and Crossing Verazanno finished fifth and eighth. So another loser. Five more days to get it right.

Losses: $144

Finance: $1,405.50

Anthony Afrunti

No more lies and screams coming from the left side. Nothing new there. More jealousy I think. Enjoying my time here on Long Island, especially at this point in the game. Things are starting to slow down as people start to leave town and families get ready for the school year. I’ll be sure to pack my bags and get ready to head south. It’s crazy to think that this meeting only lasted a month until it was extended to five weeks in 1991. This meeting went by pretty quickly. There are five days left, and I still haven’t heard if Wilkin and his brother, the usual accomplice in the shenanigans, will be throwing the annual post-match party that’s usually held somewhere in the Albany area. Last year, the secluded party block was frequented by all the usual culprits found in Wilkin’s ramblings. Chaos members such as Head Gator, Head Frog, Clem Kadiddlehopper, Gilmore Tuttle, Tony Manero, the Smurfs, and dozens of others who exist in his mind come together for a fall romp. Not a word yet. Maybe it’s because I’m out of the loop. I agree with that.

For today, go in the third race and bet $40 to win on Esotica, then a $20 double with Aloha West (4th). Follow that with a $40 double with Journeyman (8th) and Expand the Map (9th).

Total stakes: $100

Wednesday’s results: It wasn’t the day for Chase Tracker (5th) like we had hoped, and we lost $40, then we waited for the seventh race and finished fourth with Show Me the Honey (7th) and gave away $40 additional.

Losses: $80

Finance: $1,531.10

Feature of the day: The $120,000 PG Johnson, 2-year-old fillies, 1 1/16 miles (indoor turf)
Morning crush: Develop map, 8-5
Provide: Partly sunny, high 70 degrees. Chance of rain: 20%
Wednesday recap
Presence: 19,763
Nowadays: 914 316
Handle on track: $1,898,694
Feature winner, odds: Coinage, 6-1
Paid: $15.80, $6.70, $3.10


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