SnowRunner Season 7 adds rally racing and a dirt track


SnowRunner’s trucks work hard, which of course means they like to play hard too. SnowRunner Season 7 heads to Tennessee, ditching the usual truck game hauling duties and swapping them for some good old-fashioned dirt racing.

SnowRunner Season 7, Compete and Conquer, is available to anyone with the SnowRunner Year 2 pass, and it adds a new four square kilometer map set in the wooded area of ​​Burning Mill, Tennessee. It’s set for the backcountry equivalent of the Forza Horizon festival, with tracks blazing through the forest and hot air balloons hanging lazily in the air.

Season 7 also adds two new vehicles to the SnowRunner fleet. There’s the Spinter 43-19, which is a Dakar-style truck designed to be able to accelerate even in tough weather and road conditions. The second new vehicle is the speedy Gor BY-4, a lightweight scout car that should prove up to the task of mapping the Burning Mill wilderness. All SnowRunner owners, whether or not they own the Year 2 Pass, also receive 10 new exterior decals for their existing truck fleets.

Here is the trailer:

The new fast vehicles will come in handy in Burning Mill, as this season’s challenges are all about speed. The map features a rally course and a dirt racing circuit, so you’ll be able to ditch the extra gear and focus exclusively on gearing up your rig for maximum speed.

Solo, players will be able to face difficult time trials, in which they will have to pass a series of checkpoints in a limited time. Cooperative players will be able to compete in head-to-head races on the tough terrain of Tennessee.

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