The 2022 Honda Passport will participate in rally events in the United States

  • The rally version will be a slightly modified road model

  • He will participate in events organized by the American Rally Association

Honda wants people to think of its trucks and SUVs as tough, rugged machines that can go anywhere. That’s why the company is introducing the Passport in rally racing events.

After adding a new Trailsport Edition for some of its 2022 models, Honda continues to promote a more capable off-road image for its Passport.

A modified version of the regular SUV was built at the company’s automotive development center in Ohio. The evolutions of the road version are quite limited, since they revolve around safety. The interior was gutted in order to install a roll bar and racing seats, as well as a fire extinguisher system.

Along with the addition of skid plates and skid panels to protect the mechanicals, more aggressive brake pads were fitted, along with a hydraulic handbrake (used to fine-tune cornering in tight corners) and a less restrictive exhaust system.

Despite these changes, the engine, transmission and suspension are the same used in any publicly available Passport, meaning this rally model is powered by a 3.5L V6 engine that sends its power to all four wheels via a 9-speed. automatic transmission.

This SUV is raced by two Honda engineers in events organized by the American Rally Association and the first one is already finished. The Passport would have finished consistently in the top 10, but a problem with one of the tires cost a lot of time and caused the Honda to finish in 22n/a out of 42, i.e. 4and in his class.

2022 Honda Passport Rally | Photo: Honda


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