The Benischek brothers enjoy the time on the race track


Luke races in enduro and Jake in weekly series

The Benischek brothers enjoy the time on the race track

Durant’s brothers Jake (left) and Luke Benischek love to work together as a racing team. Luke runs in the enduros and Jake does most of the weekly races with each other as their brothers’ team leader. (Justin Webster / The Gazette)

CEDAR RAPIDS – Typically on race day, Durant’s Luke Benischeck is his younger brother Jake’s team manager.

On Sunday, and twice last year, Jake returned the favor and led the racing team while Luke took on the role of wheelman and secured a third straight top-five spot in the 200 enduro. Disney themed tours hosted by Hawkeye Downs.

“I also love watching him run,” Jake said. “He’s more patient and knows when to let go in order to survive. I’m not doing very well.

Durant’s Jake Benischek holds his brother Luke’s muffler off the ground as he pulls their race car, a 2006 Acura TSX, onto the trailer after Sunday’s 200 laps, Disney-themed enduro race at Hawkeye Downs . Luke finished fourth overall. (Justin Webster / The Gazette)

The brothers have enjoyed a healthy working relationship since childhood, helping their father Greg craft items in their garage.

“I think we have a good team. I like to work on the stuff and help it go fast, ”said Luke. “He knows what he’s doing and he runs really well, so I put him in the thing and let him go.”

Sunday was Luke’s turn to go fast and as he started second in the 68 field and placed fourth he spent the day fighting some of East Iowa’s top drivers.

“I knew I had to be aggressive because these guys are fast. If they go hard the entire race and come out unscathed, they’re really quick, ”said Luke. “It’s a mix between being super aggressive and knowing when to take it slow because there is disaster about to happen in front of you.”

Having paid just $ 575 for the 2006 Acura TSX with a Honda K24 engine he drove on Sunday, Luke believes he has already made more than his money from the car.

“It was a good deal because I want the engine anyway,” said Luke, who will be putting the engine in a race car for Jake to drive next year. “I can do this because I don’t need the engine at the moment. “

Always believing in safety, Luke battled dehydration throughout the race as temperatures hovered in the ’90s. He wore a full race suit with a helmet and gloves.

“Halfway through I felt exhausted and felt dizzy,” Luke said. “Whichever lap they turned us around in, it came at the right time. I paused and closed my eyes for a second. I think I just had a lack of fluids.

After completing 195 of 200 laps as Brad and Dallas Chandler won the top two places, Luke finished fourth behind Tom Blum of Iowa City (196 laps), who won the August enduro at Hawkeye Downs.

“With the weekly races you start 10th and maybe overtake nine cars,” said Luke, describing his favorite part of the enduro format. “Here, you pass cars all day long. You can go in and out of them and you are busy all the time.

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