The Grand Tour heads to the race track for a new episode as Clarkson And Co. Race Formula Cars


The Grand Tour is slowly heading west into Poland, and after some detective work, we know they’ve made it to a race track with open-wheel racing cars.

A message was posted on Instagram showing Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May standing next to and sitting in a number of open-wheel racing cars shaped like historic F1 cars. Originally posted by @terenwizja, the post was later deleted but captured by @richard_hammond_tr, a fan account that has been following the show’s Polish adventure.

The photos, which show a number of cameras mounted on RC cars and the cars, show the presenters lowering themselves into the single-seaters for what we assume is a race. But which race track is it?

After some research, I confirmed that they had traveled from Gdansk – which I wrote about earlier this week – to Zielona Gora, a town in the Lubusz province of the country. It’s known for its endless vineyards, which I’m sure Clarkson, Hammond and May would love.

From there, I matched photos from Instagram with photos from local race tracks, and down and voila, I had a match.

They are on the Tor Poznań circuit, which is known for being incredibly flat with little or no elevation change. Found in the city of Poznan, the track was potentially going to be used in the F1 calendar when Poland’s first F1 driver, Robert Kubica, made his debut in the sport. Unfortunately, that never materialized. But it does give us a potential plotline for this section of the next episode of The Grand Tour.

Will the Grand Tour explain why this Polish track should be added to the F1 calendar? After the Russian Grand Prix was removed from the schedule following the country’s invasion of Ukraine, it’s possible the presenters will use it as a plot point.


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