The Madras racing circuit gets a makeover


MMRT track days have multiple sessions for cars and bikes, priced at Rs 4000 for a half day session if you bring your own car. This would include 3 or 4 sessions of approximately 25 minutes each. You can also ‘arrive and drive’ the fleet of (old) Volkswagen Polo Cup cars for a fee of Rs 9000 for a 25 minute session, which includes fuel, tires and a mechanic to help you set up the car for you. The trail is super fun, very accessible for beginners and the open house is growing in popularity day by day. In fact, September was probably the most active month on the track in the past year. And in October, too, the track has already been occupied for 20 days, with a chance that more events will be added soon.

The only requirements for an open day are an ISI approved helmet for riders and riders (as well as passengers / passengers if applicable) and an appropriate leather bike suit for riders. The leathers can also be rented on the track itself.

You can get all the information about open days at MMRT here.

Membership of the MMSC

You can also become a member of the MMSC (Madras Motor Sports Club) which will significantly reduce the costs of track days and events around the track. For example, a member only has to pay Rs 2500 for a half day Open Track Day session. To participate, all you need to do is apply, after which you are put on a watchlist for one year. In that year, you only need to participate in MMSC activities 5 times. This includes open houses, races, volunteering as a marshal, volunteering in other areas. The club just wants active members who want to help and shape the future of motorsport in India. You can get more information about membership by contacting the MMSC at -.

New facilities

“The marshals are absolutely thrilled,” exclaimed Vicky when I asked her about the new marshals littering the track. The newer posts are better designed and closed from the elements and if you’ve been baked in the Chennai sun, you know that’s a big plus. Other changes include a self-contained drag racing control room, placed at one end of the MMRT drag track, equipped with communication and networking facilities, air conditioning, toilets and air conditioning. a good view on the starting line. A bright spot for us is also the new media and commentary room, which also has great seating, internet connectivity, a live stream of the race and a soundproof room for high quality commentary. . The cameras covering the track have also been upgraded to high definition cameras, to improve the quality of the livestream.


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