This truck full of fireworks explodes during a car race


No one was injured by the fire.

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16 Nov 2021, 12:04

The truck caught fire shortly after the fireworks started. (Image: Daily Mail)

Fireworks and car racing are two things that go well together but are always at risk of going wrong. This is exactly what happened at a racing event in the UK. The combination didn’t go as well as the spectators expected.

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Video of the incident has emerged online showing how a truck standing next to the race track at the event caught fire. According to a Daily Mail report, the truck was full of firecrackers which were to be displayed at the event.

It was apparently part of a special festival that included fireworks and a firecracker race. As the fireworks go off, one of them apparently landed in the back of the truck which was filled with extinguished fireworks. Right after that, the fireworks stored in the back of the vehicle caught fire and the vehicle burst into flames, setting off the fireworks randomly. As there were random explosions and a barrage of shells exploding in the sky, crews brought the fire under control.

Later, firefighters arrived at the scene, which suggested there was no fire truck already on standby at the event. The report claims that several fireworks were randomly launched and hurled into the crowd before one landed in the truck. Some of them allegedly hit people.

It’s definitely a bad idea to have an open bed truck full of fireworks near the exhibit, let alone at the exhibit center. The report also claims that the race allegedly started while the truck was still smoldering. However, there is no injury news from the incident.

Date of first publication: November 16, 2021, 12:04 PM IST


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