Toyota says using a GR86 on a race track will not (necessarily) void its warranty, rebuild the owner’s engine


Blake Alvarado, owner of a 2022 Toyota GR86, breathes a sigh of relief as his broken engine can be repaired under warranty following a social media campaign.

We covered the Alvarado story in detail yesterday, but, in short, the owner had taken his GR86 to performance driving events, photos of which were found by his Toyota dealer, who allegedly claimed they were proof that he was abusing the car, voiding its warranty.

This meant, according to Alvarado, that he was going to have to pay to replace his own engine after just 13,770 miles (22,160 km) due to a problem that he and others said had nothing to do with the how the car was driven. The quote for a new engine was around $11,000.

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After speaking with someone from Toyota’s executive offices, Alvarado told The Drive that his warranty claim has now been approved. He also said that the gasket material (the alleged source of the problem that broke his engine) would be applied correctly and according to the specifications of his new engine. When we contacted Toyota, a spokesperson said the following:

As for the Blake Alvarado-owned 2022 GR86, the Toyota GR brand is driven by enthusiasts and focused on delivering incredible experiences wherever the driver may take their vehicles, including the closed-course settings for which their vehicles are designed, as long as they are driven. in a manner consistent with the terms of the warranty.

Although the vehicle warranty excludes damage resulting from activities such as misuse and racing, the mere act of participating in National Auto Sport Association (NASA) High Performance Driving Events (HPDE) or similar NASA instructional materials provided free of charge to GR owners would not in itself be. , voids the warranty. Warranty claims are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Based on further review, we have determined that the repair of Mr. Alvarado’s vehicle in this case is covered under warranty.

As always, we encourage customers experiencing issues with their vehicle to contact their authorized Toyota dealer or call the Toyota Brand Engagement Center (1-800-331-4331) when a dealer is not available. able to solve a problem.

This is good news not only for Alvarado, but also for other owners. Alvarado said he asked what his case meant for other owners and was told that this warranty issue was “reviewed at a fairly high level.”

Alvarado’s fate inspired the ire of many enthusiasts, who felt it was unfair to deny someone a warranty claim on the GR86 because they had used it in a performance driving event. . The car was seen drifting and racing in much of its promotional material. Buyers were also offered a free track day and a discount on a racing helmet when they purchased the car, indicating that Toyota not only knew drivers would use it on the track, but encouraged it.

Indeed, in some markets, such as the UK, the warranty for Gazoo Racing or GR branded vehicles specifically states that the mere fact of using a vehicle in a performance driving event is not, in itself , a reason for denying a warranty claim. Although it seemed, at first, that Toyota did not offer the warranty in the United States, it is now said that participating in a high performance driving event will not necessarily void the warranty of a GR86. It’s always a good reminder to be careful what you post online, though. You never know who is watching.


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