Watch: Tesla Model Y autopilot on a racetrack


Originally published on Tesla Oracle.

More often than not, we see Tesla Autopilot being tested on the freeway (or city streets) where there is a lot of clear road markings. However, in a recent video, a group of Tesla owners tested Autopilot on a racetrack behind the wheel of a Model Y Performance.

This is a private race track owned by Out of Spec Motoring, which has also already tested whether this vehicle can drift or not. The team’s final verdict on this track trip was that “the Tesla Model Y Performance is tearing up the track like a rally car.”

By testing the model Y on Tesla autopilotwe can see that the vehicle easily handles most of the turns except for that tight ~ 180 ° turn at the nose of the race track. To make it easier to understand, I traced the circuit of the race using Photoshop (see image on the right).

Tesla made continuous improvements to its vehicles in general, but especially to the functionality of the autopilot. Autonomous driving software is able to detect more and more objects after live software updates, as well as manage different road conditions. The recent Tesla firmware update 2020.12.6 added the ability to read traffic lights and stop signs, and in another update the car can also detect pedestrians (on foot or by bicycle). Watch the following video for a demonstration.

Although there were no road signs or road markings to be detected under the test conditions, the Model Y autopilot was able to detect and avoid the traffic cones located on the side of the road. its way – very impressive to look at when the car’s center touchscreen also displays the cones in the visualization at the exact spot where it passes.

Another interesting piece of information also comes from the video of the race track – a Tesla Model Y the maximum reverse speed is 16 mph (25.74 km / h) compared to Tesla model 3 15 mph (24.1 km / h).

The team also filmed some stunning photos of the Tesla Model Y drones rolling on the racetrack at the end of the video.

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