“What are these guys doing on the race track” – 2016 world champion Nico Rosberg reveals the toughest battle he’s had in his career


Nico Rosberg describes the 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix loss to Lewis Hamilton as his toughest defeat of his entire F1 career.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were battling for 2014 World Championship supremacy. The Bahrain Grand Prix proved to be one of the best wheel-to-wheel races.

The German led the world championship with 43 points. He had a victory in Australia and a podium at the Malaysian Grand Prix before. However, Hamilton was just behind in the standings and made sure to keep his team-mate on his toes at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, Nico Rosberg has made a reaction video to his 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix which he says is the toughest battle of his career.

The Wheel to Wheel drama at the Bahrain circuit

The Mercedes duo locked down the front grid with Rosberg taking pole after an impressive qualifying session ahead of Hamilton.

Early in the race, Hamilton passed Rosberg on the first lap. Reacting to this particular stage, the German said: “It’s horrible to be on the post and then get beat on the line.”

Rosberg entered the race with the mindset of the champions to beat Hamilton fair and square in an easy way. However, to his surprise, the Briton was on another level throughout the race.

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Nico Rosberg’s toughest career battle

The last ten laps of the race were the most interesting with Rosberg and Hamilton going wheel to wheel. The 2016 world champion in the video reveals that Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche texted Toto Wolff regarding driver performance.

In the text, Zetsche said, “What are these guys doing on the racetrack. Stop it now!” However, nothing stopped the two drivers of silver arrows.

With fresher tires and a safety car, Rosberg thought of an easy win. Moreover, Hamilton has not given up yet and kept fighting to finally win the race.

According to Rosberg, this is his biggest career battle. He concluded by saying, “It was the biggest battle I’ve ever had and the toughest loss ever. This loss was good to digest. After such a battle, I thought all along, ‘I’m going to win this. In the end, Lewis still managed to stay the course and win.

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