What Should You Consider When Buying Life Insurance from the Internet?

You have received life insurance offers from the internet, and you intend to continue the process over the internet and finish the purchase process. But you are not sure whether this online purchase for a financial product is reliable enough. As required by law, every insurance company that is subject to supervision is required to share certain information with its customers while selling on the website.

We have compiled for you those who are curious about this and the information that should be on the site:

Information text on the protection of personal data


Make sure that there is a statement on the site where you shop that your personal data is protected. The declaration should contain information about what personal data is collected from you for what purpose. Information that an insurance company may ask you can be summarized as follows:

  1. Other information and documents required for identification in accordance with legislation;
  2. Financial status, credit card information and/or bank account information in order to carry out the necessary transactions for premium and payment and needs analysis and best advice;
  3. Lifestyle and other similar personal data required in the field of insurance activities, particularly private pension, life insurance, health insurance;
  4. Personal data with special qualifications: Health data required for policy acceptance, technical and compensation assessment procedures, family and child information for minimum subsistence allowances, photographs, health reports, etc.
  5. Information about your legal heirs, beneficiaries, and people who make your payments;
  6. Your marketing and communication preferences.

Information about the Insurance Company’s Cookie Policy

Information about the Insurance Company

The cookie method used by the insurance company to recognize you, to understand the next time you come back, to provide you with content related to the product or products you are interested in, is simply a sign thrown into your browser. It may make sense for you to see what the cookie policy includes on the site you’re processing. For example: this system can also collect information such as your IP address, the type of web browser you are using, and the operating system you are using.

Product and Service Information Text

It is essential to have an information form on the website, in particular on the home page, of the product and service that you will purchase. Since the product in question is a life insurance product; headings such as collateral definition, payment information, beneficiary and rights holders, tax application and compensation information must be included in the content.

Declaration of Legal Obligation

It is a declaration stating which company belongs to the website you are going to shop for, which laws are provided according to the laws and the rights arising from the situations are reserved on behalf of the company.

Special Conditions and General Conditions

General Conditions

Make sure that all general and special conditions related to the insurance product you have purchased are presented to you at the stage of purchase confirmation and you should obtain a copy of these documents as they should be printable.

All the information we have listed below should be presented in a printable format by all companies selling insurance under the law. Therefore, it may be advantageous for you to print all the documents.