Wreckreation announced, lets you create your own open-world racing track


At today’s THQ Nordic Digital Showcase event, the company announced a new game called “Wreckreation”. It’s more than just a racing game though, as it lets players build and modify race tracks while you (and others) play it!

Check out the trailer alongside the official game details!

Official game details (via Steam):

Wreckreation is home to your very own MixWorld, a massive 400 square kilometer racing kingdom that you can create, shape and destroy. Developed by Three Fields Entertainment, a team comprised of the creators of the Burnout and Need for Speed ​​series, Wreckreation was designed to be the ultimate open-world sandbox experience for driving and racing fans. A complete world of your own design or designed with your friends online. In Wreckreation, you can continually strive to outdo yourself, surpass yourself, or even crush yourself and the rest of the world on courses and tracks designed by you or your friends. But yours will probably be better anyway.
  • Mix the Leaderboards – Set records in seven different ways where and when you drive on each street in your MixWorld: Drift, Air, Near Miss, Stunt, Crash, and the most traditional, Time.
  • Mix My World – A huge open world to discover and design. Place jumps, loops, halfpipes, moving obstacles and more almost anywhere in your MixWorld. Even the sky is not the limit!
  • Mix My Car – Paint colors, finishes, wheels, boost flames, engine sounds, glass colors, tires, manual or stick – you name it, you can customize it. Everything will be available from the start.
  • Mix My Music – Radio stations are the unsung heroes of racing games. Listen to 16 different channels and get updates from your MixWorld or stream your own playlists directly from Spotify.
  • Mix and Match Modes – Whether it’s a single race or a team stunt event where catching the most air and landing the first barrel will earn your team points, you control the gameplay in your world.
  • Mix it all – In the MixWorld, you can be a god! Control the weather, time of day and traffic! Find vacancies and build structures that impact your world beyond their foundation. The power is yours.

Wreckreation is set to release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC with no official release date revealed yet.


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