Wyndham race track will undergo major resurfacing


The Wyndham race track will be raced and redone this week.

Robyn Edie / Stuff

The Wyndham race track will be raced and redone this week.

Wyndham Racecourse will have plenty of activity this week, with a race meeting Thursday and a track upgrade starting Friday.

Wyndham Harness Racing Club president Russell Ferguson said the all-season gravel track will undergo extensive resurfacing.

“It will be the first time since the track entered [in 1975] that it was stripped straight away and redone.

The new camber in the corners is part of the upgrade and around 800 tonnes of grain will be put on the track.

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The new surface would help speed up race times and strengthen the track’s reputation as one of the best in the country, Ferguson said.

The decision to resurface came after Harness Racing New Zealand track and site inspector John Denton examined the track earlier this year.

“It was showing signs of wear… now was the time to do it.”

It should take three days to complete the work, Ferguson said.

Thursday’s harness racing meeting will be the second of nine scheduled for Wyndham Racecourse this season.

The Wyndham HRC is looking forward to its race day on February 6, as it is the same weekend as the 50th Menzies College meeting. The college is located near the racecourse.

“We are working with the meeting organizers to see if any of their guests would like to have a relaxing day at the races,” Ferguson said.

The club will once again hold their popular summer vacation racing day at Cromwell Racecourse on January 6. This is one of three harness meetings at Central Otago in early January.

Meanwhile, following the Wyndham meeting on Thursday, other harness mounts in Southland next month are at Invercargill (September 18), Winton (September 23), Wyndham (September 30), Invercargill (October 9) and Winton ( October 14).


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