Your child can design their own running track with this summer series activity


There is absolutely nothing better than race day. Navigating a racetrack takes skill and courage, and professional runners start training when they are still kids, from the age of 8! This is how they get to the top, in series like IndyCar, Formula 1, Formula E or the World Endurance Championship, and drive cars that can sometimes go faster than 200 mph. Whatever style of racing you prefer, the excitement is not lacking on the track, which is why we have decided to bring the thrill of racing to your home.

R&T Crew welcomes the month of August with another weekly craft activity to stimulate the mind of your car-curious child before school starts.


Here is a chance for your child to test their running skills! With this quick DIY, they’ll spin their wheels and experience every aspect of the race day, from designing their own race track and honing their racing knowledge to improving their best lap times. . Did you know that you have to find the perfect braking point, turn point and peak in every curve to draw the fastest race line on a race track? Your kids will set their sights on the checkered flag and channel legendary runners like Lewis Hamilton, Nikki Lauda and Maria Teresa de Filippis in this fun and engaging craft activity.

Here’s what they’ll need:

  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • 7 wooden dowels, 24 “long by 1/2” thick
  • 5 colored felt sheets 8 “by 12” (black, white, yellow, orange, blue and red)
  • A vehicle to go around your track (Power Wheels, Crazy Cart, bike, tricycle)
  • Miniature traffic cones (optional)

    1. With the help of an adult, collect a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, wooden dowels, and felt sheets to begin creating your racing flags. When you see the race marshal (the race referee) waving one, you will have to be very careful – each flag has a different meaning, and the marshals wave them to ensure the safety of the drivers as they run around. Track. Here is the meaning of each flag:

    • Green: The race has started. It’s time to go!
    • Blue and orange: move to the outside of the track. A faster car is coming behind you!
    • Yellow: Attention! There is a car stopped in front!
    • Red: Stop! There has been a problem on the runway, and everyone has to stop for the crew to clean up.
    • Black: Go to the pits. Stewards wave to a driver who has broken the rules.
    • White: A trick to do!
    • Checkered flag: the race is over!

      2. Cut out small squares of black felt and glue them onto the sheet of white felt in a checkered pattern – this is your checkered flag. Next, cut out a long strip of orange felt and place it diagonally over the sheet of blue felt. If you see this flag waving, it means that a faster vehicle is coming behind you and you have to move to the right to let them pass. The rest of the flags are solid colors.

      3. Assemble your flags by attaching a wooden dowel to the short side of each flag.

      4. Once your flags are ready, head to the driveway and use your chalk and miniature traffic cones to design your race track! Use your imagination to create the circuit of your dreams, with fast straights and hairpin turns, or take inspiration from some of our favorite circuits, like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road circuit, roads used at 24 Hours of Le Mans or the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza in Italy.

      5. As you enter the track, keep an eye out for these flags. Swap seats so that everyone has their turn as driver and steward. Take a stopwatch and see who can do the fastest lap! At the end of the day, award prizes for first, second and third place!

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